Circulon Cookware Reviews – The 6 Best Sets That Sizzle in 2020

Check out our Circulon cookware reviews as we break down 6 of the top pots and pans, one by one, to find you the best Circulon cookware sets for your kitchen.

When looking for the ideal cookware set for your kitchen, you will go through a myriad of possible choices. However, the best Circulon cookware sets guarantee durability and improved functionality. The Circulon brand is prized not only for manufacturing a wide range of cookware options but also for integrating high-quality construction in all their units.

Circulon cookware sets integrate an innovative nonstick surface technology to improve food release and clean up, to ensure your food quality is top-notch with every meal. They are also designed to be metal utensil safe, and suitable for use with most stovetops; thus increasing their durability and versatility respectively.

Circulon Cookware Reviews – 6 Amazing Sets to Complete your Kitchen

Before you go through hundreds of available Circulon cookware options, check out our Circulon cookware reviews below where we’ve compiled a list of the 6 best Circulon cookware sets to take your cooking to the next level.

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1.  Circulon Symmetry Hard Anodized Cookware Set

Circulon Symmetry Hard Anodized Cookware SetThe Circulon Symmetry series cookware set features a Total nonstick system of full circles to enhance its functionality. The raised circle system and triple layer premium nonstick coating make food release easier and clean up faster. Their anodized aluminum fabrication on the other end is twice as harder as stainless steel, making the kit quite durable.

Their manufacturing also improves their versatility making them suitable for all stove types including induction types. For increased comfort during cooking, they also feature ergonomically designed and silicone molded handles. Their tempered glass lids help seal in flavor and heat, whilst allowing convenient monitoring as your food cooks.


  • The total nonstick system allows for easy food release and easy cleanup
  • Each unit can be used with any type of stove including induction types
  • Dishwasher friendly design
  • Metal utensil safe design
  • Comes in three attractive finishes; black, merlot, and chocolate


  • The handles can get very hot in an oven

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2.  Circulon Acclaim Hard Anodized Cookware Set

Circulon Acclaim Hard Anodized Cookware SetWhether you want to make rich tomato-based sauces or pan-fry line fish; the Circulon Acclaim cookware series have you covered. The cookware features a Total nonstick system with DuPont’s autograph raised circles to make it easier to cook any meal. The nonstick system also delivers a metal utensil safe interior with reduced surface abrasion, scratching, staining, and chipping.

At the end of the day, each cookware unit helps to improve and enhance the flavor of your food. To make clean up easier and to maintain a neat storage space, the nonstick surface of the cookware set covers both the interior and exterior. Each unit also comes with a dual riveted handle. The dual riveted stainless steel handles are strong and covered with rubberized grips for comfort and strength. The skillet and saucepans on the set also come with fold-out rings, allowing you to hang them for convenient storage.


  • Fold-out rings on saucepans and skillets for convenient hanging storage
  • Nonstick interior and exterior for an easy cleanup
  • Abrasion-resistant, scratch-resistant, stain-free and anti-chip surface
  • Rubberized grips for comfortable handling
  • Available in black or fire engine red finish


  • Interior coating can fade over time

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3.  Circulon Elementum Hard Anodized Cookware Set

Circulon Elementum Hard Anodized Cookware SetFeaturing an innovative design, the Circulon Elementum cookware set improves functionality in your kitchen. Each unit in the cookware set, except for the skillets, comes with a shatterproof tempered glass lid which helps to seal in moisture, flavor, and heat. These straining lids also act as a built-in colander for easier straining and serving without using extra kitchen items.

Their Total nonstick system is built with ridged raised circles that provide the nonstick finish. Both the high and low circle areas are also protected from metal damage to make cooking safe at all times. This safe and nonstick PFOA free surface also allows for easy cleaning that lasts ten times longer than normal nonstick surfaces. To retain their elegant oyster gray finish, the nonstick coating covers both the inside and the outside of each unit.


  • Innovatively designed straining lids double as built-in colanders
  • Works with all types of stoves including induction types
  • Nonstick coating provides easy food release and lasts ten times longer than normal nonstick coatings
  • Both lower and higher areas of the Total nonstick system raised circles are protected from metal utensil damage


  • The set is not dishwasher safe

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4.  Circulon Momentum Cookware Set

Circulon 78003 Momentum Cookware SetBuilt from stainless steel, the Circulon Momentum cookware series deliver unmatched scratch resistance and increased durability. The cookware set also features a fully encapsulated stainless steel base that is highly heat conductive. This quality enhances even heat distribution and control to ensure your food is thoroughly cooked and done so in less time. Their combined mirror-polished silver exterior and black coated interior on the other end add a professional and elegant look in any kitchen.

To complement and protect the look, the set is reinforced with the Total nonstick system. The triple-layered surface and nonstick coating provided by the Total nonstick system don’t only protect the cookware from metal utensil damage, but they also facilitate easy food release during cooking as well as faster and easy clean up. Plus, when you are done cooking even the thickest gravies, simply toss the cookware into a dishwasher for a convenient and thorough clean.


  • Stainless steel construction provides even heat distribution and control
  • Stainless steel base conducts heat faster to accelerate cook time
  • Attractive mirror-polished silver exterior and black coated interior
  • Silicone grip riveted stainless handles for easy cooking control and serving


  • Lining can crack and peel after longterm usage

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5.  Circulon Infinite Hard Anodized Cookware Set

Circulon Infinite Hard Anodized Cookware SetThe patent-pending three-layered construction of the Circulon Infinite cookware series significantly improves your cooking and food quality. The cookware is built with a hard anodized aluminum wall, aluminum bottom center, and a stainless steel base. Their 3 layer construction also integrates the DuPont autograph coating and the brand’s proprietary Total food release system of circles to reduce surface abrasion and prevent metal utensil damage. The easy food release also means a quick and easy cleanup after you’re done cooking.

The stainless steel base on each piece accentuates even heating whilst preventing hot spots. The cookware is also built with improved versatility, allowing you to use them on any stovetop, be it induction, glass, ceramic or electric. Their dishwasher safe design also makes clean-ups easy and fast.


  • Stainless steel base improves heat distribution and prevents hot spots
  • Works on any type of stove
  • Higher temperature rating of 500 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Smooth bottom prevents the cookware from scratching the cooktop


  • The stainless steel bonded aluminum bottom can be a little heavy

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6.  Circulon Ultimum Pan Set

Circulon Ultimum Pan SetThe Circulon Ultimum cookware set is one of the most attractive sets we came across while conducting our Circulon cookware reviews. Just look at that amazing finish!

The head-turning brown finish of the Circulon Ultimum pan set adds aesthetics to any kitchen, be it a professional or a home kitchen. Just like its superior looks, this pan set also delivers impeccable cooking performance. The pan set features a pressure forged heavy gauge aluminum construction which delivers unbeatable durability and dependable heat conduction.

The special stainless steel base on the other end also complements the cooking by preventing hot spots and providing even heat distribution. Made with three layers of PFOA free nonstick and raised circles system, the cook set works with eliminated surface abrasion and is extremely easy to clean. The flat rivet skillet walls also add cleaning convenience and provide improved access as you stir and cook.


  • Dual riveted stainless steel handles make the skillets safe for oven use without risk of damage
  • Flat rivet walls improve cooking access and make cleaning easy
  • The stainless steel base is induction suitable
  • Heavy-gauge aluminum and steel combination improve heat conductivity and distribution


  • The skillets may warp with long-term use

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If our Circulon cookware reviews weren’t enough to convince you that Circulon is a winner, take a look at our Q&A section below.

Q: Are Circulon cookware any good?

A: Circulon cookware sets are very good and highly functional thanks to their key qualities. These include a metal utensil safe design, the proprietary nonstick surface which improves food release and clean up, as well as a stain-free, scratch-free, and chip-free surface. The best Circulon cookware units are also dishwasher safe, oven safe, and suitable to use with any stovetop including induction types.

Q: What is the Total nonstick system?

A: The Total nonstick system is Circulon’s proprietary nonstick coating technology. This system combines hi-low waves made by raised circle ridges on the interior surface of the pans or pots to provide easy food release whilst also protecting the surface from metal utensil damage. The exterior is also covered with this coating (without the circles) to make clean up easier.

Q: How do I restore the nonstick performance of my Circulon cookware set?

A: To restore your Circulon cookware’s nonstick performance, mix two parts of water and one part of white vinegar. Add the mixture to the unit you want to restore and boil over medium heat for up to 10 minutes. Let the mixture cool then, discard. Wash the unit with warm soapy water and a soft-bristle brush, rinse and dry. The unit will not only look new but work with its original nonstick performance.

Q: What is hard anodized aluminum?

A: Hard anodized aluminum is aluminum that has been oxidized so that its surface is no longer reactive or corrosive. This oxidization process for hard anodized aluminum is extended with higher voltage and lower temperature, thus, making the final product harder and more durable yet, still heat conductive. Some of the best Circulon cookware sets are made from hard anodized aluminum.

Q: Do Circulon pans use PFOA in their nonstick coating?

A: No, Circulon’s Total nonstick system is PFOA free. If you’re looking for other brands that pride themselves on the use of non-toxic nonstick coatings you might be interested in our GreenPan cookware reviews.

Have a question that our Circulon cookware reviews didn’t answer, or just want to tell us what you think? Leave a comment below!

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