The Best Pan for Deep Frying in 2020 – 7 Great Choices that Sizzle

Looking for the best pan for deep frying your food? Check out our round-up of the top 7 best pans for deep frying that you should definitely own this year.

While deep frying is easy and straight forward, it requires the right skill and equipment for optimal results. Investing in the best pans for deep frying gets you one step closer to that goal. Deep frying pans are designed with sloped walls and low profile interiors to easily fit all of your deep frying ingredients.

This design also allows for easy rapid heating and even heat distribution, to ensure consistent cooking on your meals. Thanks to this versatile construction, the best pans for deep frying double as both skillets and sauté pans to allow you to explore a wide range of dishes.

The Best Pan for Deep Frying – Our 7 Favorites in 2020

To help you achieve the best possible results during deep-frying, we’ve compiled a list of the top 7 best pans for deep frying below. Choose your favorite skillet to enjoy flavorful and scrumptious deep-fried goodies.

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1.  Lodge Cast Iron Deep Skillet

Lodge Cast Iron Deep SkilletWith the Lodge Cast Iron deep skillet, you can enjoy a wide selection of golden-brown fried goods. The deep skillet has gone through a factory seasoning process by baking vegetable oil on it to enhance its functionality.

The seasoning process allows the oil to penetrate deeper into the skillet which gives it a nonstick surface to facilitate easy food release during cooking. Additionally, the factory seasoning process extends the skillet’s durability and prevents rust build-up. The 3-quart skillet’s cast iron construction provides superior heat distribution, to ensure every bit of your food is thoroughly cooked.

Designed to be deeper than regular skillets; the Lodge Cast Iron skillet is 3 inches deeper, which allows it to provide better deep-frying results. Attached with dual side handles, the skillet is easier to handle and allows for stove-table usage.

The best part about the skillet is that you can use it over a cross-section of heat sources, whether it’s your stovetop or a campfire. You can even use it in the oven to bake biscuits or bread. Furthermore, the skillet comes with a cast iron lid which enhances its versatility.


  • Designed for deep frying and bread making
  • Pouring spout for fats and juices
  • Works on all stovetops including induction types
  • Made in the USA


  • The skillet is somewhat heavy
  • The somewhat rough cooking surface makes the skillet unsuitable for eggs

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2.  Calphalon Contemporary Hard Anodized Aluminum Deep Skillet

Calphalon Contemporary Hard Anodized Aluminum Deep SkilletThe Calphalon contemporary deep skillet features a 13-inch low profile design that makes it versatile, as it allows it to double as both a skillet and a sauté pan. Constructed from heavy-gauge hard anodized aluminum, the skillet offers consistent even heat distribution to make it a perfect choice for all your deep-frying, searing, simmering, and sautéing needs.

Its sturdy cast stainless steel loop and long handle make it easier to handle than other products. The loop near the tip of the handle allows for hang-style storage. Combining triple layers of PFOA-free nonstick coating, the skillet offers superior food release.

Additionally, the nonstick interior allows for healthy and low-fat cooking as it requires you to use less oil or butter. The pan’s nonstick coating allows you to use a variety of cooking utensils including wooden, nylon, and silicone ones. However, it is not recommended to use metal utensils because they can scratch the coating over time.

The deep skillet is also fitted with a see-through tempered glass lid which allows you to effortlessly monitor your food. With a temperature rating of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, the skillet is safe to use on any glass top including induction, glass, and halogen. You can use the skillet in an oven and place it in a dishwasher as well.

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  • Dishwasher and oven safe
  • See-through glass lid for easy food monitoring
  • Triple-layered nonstick surface for healthy and low-fat cooking
  • A hole near the tip of the handle allows for hang-style storage


  • Not suitable to use with metal utensils
  • The exterior peels with heavy use

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3.  Carote 8-Inch Non-Stick Frying Pan

Carote 8-Inch Non-Stick Frying PanThe Carote 8-Inch Nonstick frying pan is as effective at deep frying as it is as an eco-friendly skillet. Constructed with a natural granite nonstick coating, the skillet offers non-toxic, scratch-free, and abrasion-resistant performance.

The frying pan features a patented ILAG nonstick Swiss technology with 5 layers. The 5 layer technology integrates surface sealing for excellent cleanability and a granite effect coating with a polymer matrix. The innovative polymer matrix offers the superior scratch resistance and is complemented with a primer with strong ceramic reinforcement.

The improved cooking surface coating allows for healthier cooking; requiring less oil to cook. The Carote pan is fitted with a stay-cool wooden handle that offers superior insulating quality. Furthermore, the ergonomically designed handle is slip-resistant and allows for better handling.

Its thickened and enlarged bottom allows for rapid heating and is compatible for use on any stovetop including induction types. Made from stainless steel, the bottom provides exceptionally even heating and easily adapts to temperature changes as well.


  • Enlarged and thickened bottom for rapid heating
  • Compatible with all stovetop types
  • 5 layer nonstick technology for increased durability and functionality
  • The naturally nontoxic cooking surface


  • The temperature rating is low at only 350 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Not dishwasher friendly

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4.  Rachel Ray Brights Deep Frying Pan

Rachel Ray Brights Deep Frying PanThe shiny and sleek two-tone exterior of the Rachel Ray deep frying pan matches its incredible performance. Available in a choice of three colors, i.e. gray, blue, and red, the deep skillet adds a look of elegance and style to any kitchen or dinner table.

The frying skillet features deep walls that effectively manage your ingredients when preparing single pot dishes. The deep walls and interior also allow for effective deep frying. Integrating an enhanced nonstick interior, the pan offers effortless food release and easy cleanups as well. Its long silicone molded handle offers superior grip and is double riveted for added durability.

Designed for stove-to-oven performance, the pan for deep frying boasts a temperature rating of up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. The 9.5-inch aluminum skillet comes with a shatterproof glass lid for easy monitoring. Additionally, the fitted lid helps to effectively trap moisture, heat, and nutrients; thus making your food more flavorful and nutritious. Atop the lid is a silicone molded stainless steel handle that allows for easy handling.


  • Double riveted handles add extra strength
  • Deep walls and interior make it ideal for deep frying
  • Available in three bold and attractive colors
  • Comes with shatterproof glass lid


  • Not compatible for use on an induction type stovetop
  • The pan is not dishwasher safe

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5.  Farberware 39002 Classic Series Deep Frying Pan

Farberware 39002 Classic Series Deep Frying PanCrafted with an attractively polished silver exterior and matte aluminum interior, the Farberware deep frying pan adds aesthetics to any kitchen. The deep frying pan is designed with deeper sides which make it perfect for frying and flipping a filled omelet or deep frying battered fish.

Its matte black aluminum interior surface offers incredible nonstick performance, allowing your food to smoothly slide through and release with no intense effort needed. It’s aluminum construction further facilitates quick and even heating thus, eliminating hot spots that may burn your food.

It’s long double riveted and iconically designed handle offers great support and handling. Near the tip of the handle is a stainless steel ring that allows for stylish hanging storage. With a temperature rating of up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, the pan for deep frying is suitable for use in the oven as well.


  • Aluminum construction offers quick and even heat distribution
  • Slopped walls make it great for frying and flipping
  • Attractive polished exterior and black matte interior
  • Ringed handle for easy hang-style storage


  • Not ideal for use with metal utensils
  • Cannot be used on an induction type stove

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6.  TriveTrunner Anna Stay Decorative Deep Skillet

TriveTrunner Anna Stay Decorative Deep SkilletThe TriveTrunner Anna Stay deep skillet combines a beautiful balance of colorful exterior patterns and superior performance.  The 9.5-inch nonstick granite fry pan is available in a range of stylish colors to suit your preferences.

A triple layer stone marble coating increases the frying pan’s versatility allowing you to prepare anything from eggs to pancakes, pasta, or classic fried southern chicken. Furthermore, the deep pan allows for healthier cooking as it requires less oil or fat to prepare your meals.

Its strong stone marble coating allows you to use the deep skillet on any stovetop including induction type. With a temperature rating of up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, you can use the frying pan in an oven as well. However, extra care should be taken to avoid using it over high heat because this may easily peel the exterior.


  • Durable triple layer stone marble coating
  • Encourages healthier cooking as it requires less oil to cook
  • Decorative exterior with a variety of colors
  • Dual riveted easy-grip handle
  • The handle is drilled with a hole for hang-style storage


  • The coating peels over time
  • The pan is not dishwasher friendly

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7.  Almond Ceramic Copper Frying Pan

Almond Ceramic Copper Frying PanDesigned with deep walls, the Almond Ceramic Copper frying pan doubles as a sauté pan. Its strong construction allows for cooking on any stovetop surface, be it electric or induction type. The 10-inch skillet features a nonstick copper ceramic surface; allowing you to evenly cook your food without it sticking.

The PFOA and PTFE free coating allow you to enjoy all your favorite foods without using a lot of oil or fats such as other standard and traditional skillets. Plus, with a temperature rating of up to 420 degrees Fahrenheit, the pan for deep frying is safe to use in an oven as well.

Furthermore, the frying pan comes with shatterproof glass to retain heat, moisture, and nutrients on your food. The glass lid boasts a high oven temperature rating of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • Suitable for use on any stovetop type
  • High oven temperature rating of up to 420 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Deep enough to allow for optimal heat distribution
  • High oven heat temperature of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit for the glass lid


  • The frying pan needs regular polishing
  • The copper compound begins to leach over time

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Q: Is pan-frying the same as deep-frying?

A: Not really. Pan-frying does much of what deep frying does, however, during pan frying you use less oil. This, in turn, produces food with a less crispy exterior. Deep frying on the other end involves cooking food fully submerged in hot oil and the result normally is a crisp golden brown exterior.

Q: Can you use a nonstick frying pan to deep fry?

A: Yes, you can use a nonstick pan for deep frying. Some of the best pans for deep frying are nonstick. Ideally, they are normally made from stainless steel or cast iron. However, it is not recommended to use a nonstick pan for deep frying regularly. Typically, a nonstick frying pan is not designed to withstand high temperatures needed for deep frying.

Q: What oil should you use for deep frying?

A: You want to use vegetable oils that are ideal for deep frying and that can withstand high smoke points. Typically, vegetable oils such as canola, peanut, or sunflower are perfect for deep frying. These oils boast a high smoke point of between 400 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus, during deep-frying, these oils remain stable throughout the process.

Q: What causes frying pans to warp?

A: The number one reason for frying pans to warp is high heat or dampness. Warping is when your pan bends out of shape. The consequence for this is normally uneven cooking oil flow as well as uneven heat distribution which results in an inconsistent cook on your food.

Did you agree with our choices for the best pan for deep frying? Let us know in the comments below.

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