8 Best Cooking Torches – A Review Of The Top Picks

Bring some flaming action into your kitchen with the best cooking torches. Check out our top cooking torch reviews to find the perfect pick for your kitchen.

Whether you want to prepare a luxurious Crème Brulee dessert or sear restaurant quality steaks at home, the best cooking torches help get the task done! As integral items in your kitchen, cooking torches aid with a wide range of cooking applications including searing, melting, and browning.

Their versatility extends their function beyond the kitchen, allowing you to perform tasks such as light welding and jewelry cleaning. Their portable construction means that you can use them anywhere, be it your kitchen, back yard, or camping site. Below is a comprehensive list of the 8 best cooking torches – pick your favorite one so you can overhaul your home cooking like a true professional cook!

1.   EurKitchen Butane Culinary Kitchen Torch

EurKitchen Butane Culinary Kitchen TorchBuilt with comfortable finger guards, the EurKitchen Butane culinary kitchen torch is extremely safe to handle. The built-in finger guards protect you from burns and extreme heat during the torching and heating process.

The cooking torch’s aluminum and ABS plastic construction on the other end don’t only provide a rugged finish, but also complements the finger guards by offering ergonomic comfort. The kitchen blow torch also features a gas flow regulator dial which allows you to adjust the flame. Its gas flow safety lock prevents leakage when the torch is turned off and stored away.


  • Built-in finger guards protect you from burns and heat
  • The torch creates a continuous flame of up to 6 inches long
  • Works with butane gas refill of any brand
  • Piezo press ignition provides safe and fast lighting


  • Its butane canister refill must be designed with a refill tip

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2.   Iwatani International CB-TC-PRO 2 Butane Cooking Torch

Iwatani International CB-TC-PRO 2 Butane Cooking TorchThe Iwatani International CB-TC-Pro 2 Butane cooking torch features an adjustable construction design. With the cooking torch, you can easily adjust the flame size and shape to concentrate the flame according to your preferences.

This mechanism allows you to use the torch for a wide selection of applications such as flambéing, sous vide, searing, and even barbecuing! To ensure you are safe during operation, the cooking torch also features a stabilizing plate. It’s one-touch Piezo ignition on the other end offers quick and immediate lighting.


  • Ultra lightweight and portable build
  • Adjustable flame size and shape to cater to different applications
  • Quick lighting one-touch Piezo ignition
  • The stabilizing plate ensures you are safe during operation


  • The ignition doesn’t always light with the first switch

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3.   Bernzomatic TS8000 High Intensity Trigger Start Torch

Bernzomatic TS8000 High Intensity Trigger Start TorchIf you are looking for a torch with a high flame output, the Bernzomatic TS800 series is your perfect choice. The cooking torch delivers an ultra swirl flame with optimal heat output. This working mechanism makes the kitchen torch ideal for both small and large kitchen appliances; as well as brazing, heat treating, and light welding.

In fact, its adjustable knob control doesn’t only adjust the flame size, but also allows you to switch between applications. Its pressure regulated operation maintains impressive performance even when tilted or inverted. Its cast aluminum fabrication on the other end helps to retain its durability.


  • The lock-free button allows for a finger free operation
  • Knob control allows you to adjust the flame size for different applications
  • The adjustable knob control allows you to switch between applications
  • Pressure regulated operation for consistent performance even when inverted or tilted


  • Spark ignition becomes weak over time

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4.   Spicy Dew Blow Torch

Spicy Dew Blow TorchWith the Spicy Dew blow torch, you can explore a diverse range of kitchen applications, whether you are caramelizing your crème Brulee or searing your steak. Thanks to its long operating design, the kitchen torch can function for up to 60 minutes uninterrupted, depending on the flame size.

So if you normally entertain a large group of friends and family, you should definitely have this torch in your kitchen arsenal. Whilst it’s built with a high operating capacity, the torch still maintains safety. Thanks to its anti-flare technology and child lock safety, you don’t have to worry about flare ups, heat, and burn accidents.


  • See-through fuel gauge for easy monitoring
  • Anti-flare technology protects against unwanted flare ups
  • The torch can operate uninterrupted for up to 60 minutes
  • Built with a child safety lock


  • The fuel sometimes leaks

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5.   Cadrim Butane Culinary Torch

Cadrim Butane Culinary TorchDesigned with a double flame output, the Cadrim Butane culinary torch allows you to adjust it for a double or single fire without changing the flame level. Its universal butane gas refill compatibility makes it quite easy and quick to refill.  Its single touch ignition on the other end makes lighting easy and fast whilst the ignition lock keeps the flame on without having to constantly push the ignition.

The culinary torch is also built with a wide base that protects it against tipping or falling off. It’s ceramic build acts as a perfect insulator; meaning the body never gets hot. The torch’s portable construction allows you to transport it and use it anywhere whether it’s your backyard, at the campsite, or in your kitchen.


  • Unique double fire construction
  • Fully enclosed durable ceramic fabrication offers improved heat insulation
  • Quick and easy butane gas refill design
  • Portable size for use anywhere including at home and camping


  • The switch is too close to the flame outlet

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6.   Tintec Culinary Blow Torch

Tintec Culinary Blow TorchThe Tintec culinary blow torch comes with a silicone basting brush for a complete grilling, barbecuing, and roasting solution. The silicone basting brush is built to resist high heat temperatures of up to 446 degrees Fahrenheit. The torch also comes with a screwdriver for easy removable of the metal base. The removable metal base makes it easier to fit different butane gas nozzles.

Its wide base design on the other end gives the torch a stable hold on your kitchen countertop without tipping or falling off. Its wider nozzle build allows for various applications including kitchen use, light welding, and removing bubbles from art resin. To protect you and your household from the large flames, the blow torch integrates a security ignition lock.


  • Wider nozzle for large flames
  • Removable base to easily fit different butane gas nozzles
  • Can be used for light welding and resin art
  • Security lock to prevent accidental ignition


  • Bulky design

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7.   Authenzo Kitchen Butane Torch Lighter

Authenzo Kitchen Butane Torch LighterA humanized aluminum alloy construction and non-slip grip surface make it easy and comfortable to use the Authenzo Kitchen Butane Torch lighter. It’s high tensile and lightweight aluminum alloy fabrication also enhances its durability. Built with an easy-to-adjust flame slider, the torch offers different intensities at temperatures of up to 2500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Its security lock on the other end protects against an improper operation and accidental ignition. Yet, its single touch ignition still manages to be efficient and quick. The torch lighter is also capacitated to assist with a range of applications, whether it’s cooking, jewelry cleaning, light welding, or art resin design.


  • The humanized design allows for comfortable usage
  • Can be used during cooking, jewelry cleaning, light welding, and art resin design
  • High tensile and lightweight aluminum allow construction
  • Easy flame slider adjustment


  • Weak ignition

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8.   FunOwlet Butane Torch Kitchen Blow Lighter

FunOwlet Butane Torch Kitchen Blow LighterWith the FunOwlet Butane blow lighter, you can adjust the flame size and shape to concentrate the fire as much as you need. It’s 360 degrees reverse design improves comfort and accessibility during operation. The torch is also built with a stabilizing plate that keeps you safe during operation whilst its valve switch completely blocks off the flame and prevents accidental flare ups.

Yet, it also features an automatic electronic ignition which makes lighting safer and efficient. To make it easier and convenient to use, the torch comfortably fixes on a butane refill tank. To complement this innovative design, its non-slip grip body and ergonomic design allow for easy handling, no matter the application.


  • Automatic and safe electronic ignition
  • It can be fixed on a replaceable butane refill tank
  • Ergonomic design for easy grip and handling
  • Adjustable temperature and flame intensity


  • May have issues with the ignition

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Q: Why Does My Cooking Torch Keep Going Out?

A:  Normally, your torch will keep going out if it is clogged.  Cheap butane is the number one cause of clogged torches. This is because it is oily, thus, making it easy to clog the torch and prevent ignition. It is a good idea to clean your torch every time you refill the butane fuel.

Q: Why Does My Torch Flicker And Sputter?

A: Your torch may flicker and sputter due to a temporary clogging or trapped air bubbles in the fuel line. These two problems normally stop the torch from lighting or cause its flame to sputter and expand until it puts itself out. To fix the gas problem, keep igniting the switch until the bubble escapes. If the torch is clogged, then, you should unclog it.

Q:  Can You Use A Propane Torch For Cooking?

A: Yes, you can use a propane torch for cooking. Whilst natural methane gas is commonly used on gas stovetops, the best cooking torches use propane or butane gas. However, before you fill your cooking torch with propane gas, check its instruction to find out if it is suitable to use with propane gas.

Q: How Do I Fix A Clogged Torch?

A: To unclog your cooking torch, clean it with a cotton swab or pipe cleaner. To ensure thorough unclogging, soak the cotton swab or pipe cleaner with rubbing alcohol before cleaning. Then, let the alcohol evaporate completely before turning on the torch to test it.

Q: Is It Safe To Use A Cooking Torch?

A: Yes, the best cooking torches are designed with safety components such as finger guards, controlled flame outlets, and ignition locks.  As a safety precaution, always ignite your torch whilst facing away from your food.

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