5 Best Eurocast Cookware Sets– The Top Picks For This High End Brand

If you are looking for high quality cast iron cookware for your home, you are at the right place! Check out our reviews of the best Eurocast cookware sets to find your match.

If you are in search of high quality, yet affordable cast iron cookware; you should look at the best Eurocast cookware sets. Designed in Europe and manufactured in the US, these cookware sets have gained a worldwide reputation thanks to their high quality manufacturing. Additionally, the cookware is also built with extraordinary and varied practicality, whether it’s their removable long handles or their high temperature ratings.

Their cast iron bodies coupled with their innovative ceramic and titanium nonstick coating also give them impressive performance in any kitchen. So, check out our detailed reviews of the 5 top picks for the best Eurocast cookware sets below, so you can also find the ideal cooking set for your home or even your professional kitchen!

1.   Eurocast by Berghoff Family Set

Eurocast by Berghoff Family SetThe Eurocast by Berghoff family set is packed with all your kitchen essentials. The cookware set includes a saucepan, stockpot, grill pan, frying pan and a sauté pan; allowing you to create any dish you want in your kitchen, be it a simple omelet or more complex rice and stew dish. Constructed from cast iron, each of the units boasts quick heat conductivity to help cut down the cooking time significantly.

At the bottom of each unit, a magnetic plate evenly distributes heat to ensure a thorough and consistent cook on your food. Whilst each piece in the set boasts a temperature rating of 500 degrees Fahrenheit, you can use them with their lids in an oven at a temperature of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, the cookware set is also built for use on any stovetop surface including gas, electric, glass, ceramic, and induction types.


  • Suitable for use on any stovetop surface
  • Built with a quick and even heat distributing magnetic bottom plate
  • Comes with essential kitchen cookware pieces
  • The grill pan allows you to make healthy and succulent meats and vegetable dishes
  • Lightweight build for easy handling


  • Non-large size cookware in the set

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2.   Eurocast by Berghoff Deep Sauté Pan

Eurocast by Berghoff Deep Sauté PanWith the Eurocast by Berghoff deep sauté pan, you can prepare a wide range of dishes such as Asian fried rice or even bake a chicken in the oven. The sauté pan is built with improved versatility thanks to its oven and stovetop design. You can use this sauté pan in any stovetop surface as well as in an oven at a temperature as high as 400 degrees Fahrenheit.  In fact, you can use this pan in lieu of bakeware for any baked goodies in your oven!

Simply pull out the removable handle to prevent damaging it during the baking process in the oven. After you are done baking, you can twist the handle back on the pan for easier handling. The saute pan’s 10.25-inch capacity on the other end is adequately sized to prepare enough serving for a small household. It also features a proprietary nonstick coating that combines ceramic and titanium to help prevent food build up, chipping, and cracking.


  • The 10.25-inch capacity is enough to sufficiently serve a small family
  • Sauté pan is designed to double as bakeware
  • The handle can be removed for safe baking and roasting in the oven
  • Safe to use on any stovetop surface
  • Ceramic and titanium nonstick surface coating prevents food build up, chipping and cracking


  • Somewhat bulky

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3. Eurocast by Berghoff Chef Set

Eurocast by Berghoff Chef SetFor the enthusiastic home cooks, the Eurocast by Berghoff chef set is what you need. The 9-piece set is packed with all the essential cookware for optimal culinary exploration and indulgence like a real chef. Available in 4 different sizes, the pots and pans allow you to venture out with different serving sizes and food options – whether you want to prepare thick tomato-based sauces or roasts.

Their two frying pan sizes also give you more variety for food preparation and cooking. Plus, constructed from cast iron, the cookware set offers a quick and even heat distribution for high quality food delivery. After all, cast iron cookware is ideally designed to prepare most foods – including meats, stews, sauces, and vegetables. As if the cast iron is not enough, the cookware is further reinforced with the PFOA and PTFE free ceramic and titanium nonstick coating.


  • Versatile selection of cooking pots and pan sizes
  • Stain-resistant construction
  • PTFE and PFOA free ceramic and titanium nonstick coating
  • The cookware is built with removable handles for easy oven cooking


  • The pots are a little heavy

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4. Eurocast by Berghoff Pancake/Griddle Pan

Eurocast by Berghoff Pancake Griddle PanWith the Eurocast by Berghoff pancake/griddle pan, you can make all your breakfast favorites, be it pancakes crepes, omelets, or even bacon. The 10-inch pan features a nonstick ceramic and titanium surface to ensure easy and consistent cooking. You will be impressed with how your food effortlessly glides through the surface with the addition of minimal oil.

The griddle pan is also fitted with an ergonomic handle that provides easy and superior grip. The 500 degrees Fahrenheit temperature rating also allows you to use it on any stovetop surface as well as in an oven. Before you add it to your oven, simply twist the handle to remove it. Removing the handle before you use the pan in the oven helps to preserve its superior grip and functionality. However, when used outside an oven and away from open flame, the handle serves as an effective heat insulator.


  • Built to prepare all your breakfast favorites
  • High temperature rating of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Heat insulating removable handle
  • Suitable for oven and all stovetop surfaces


  • Doesn’t come with a handle hole for hang-style storage

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5. Eurocast by Berghoff Deluxe Set

Eurocast by Berghoff Deluxe SetThe Eurocast by Berghoff deluxe set comes with everything you need to cater to your every day kitchen needs as well as when you are entertaining. The cookware set even comes with a large Dutch oven for days when you feel like preparing a fancy roast. Their removable handles on the other end improve their practicality.

Whilst using the cookware on the stovetop, you can use the handles to balance and move the cookware. When you want to add the large cookware into the oven for baking or roasting, you can easily remove their long handles for space saving. Each of these cast iron cookware units, even the Dutch oven, is also built with an effective ceramic and titanium nonstick coating surface to guarantee superior food quality.


  • Different cookware types and sizes to suit all your needs
  • Long stay cool handles for improved functionality
  • Removable handle design for easy use in the oven
  • Comes with a Dutch oven for more cooking versatility


  • The coating degrades over time and at consistently high temperature cooking

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Q:  Are Eurocast Cookware Metal Utensil Safe?

A: No, you should avoid using metal and sharp utensils on Eurocast cookware because they can easily scratch their nonstick surface. Instead, opt for alternative materials such as wooden, plastic, rubber, or silicone.

Q: How Do I Maintain The Quality Of My Food Whilst Using My Eurocast Cookware?

A: To prepare good quality food using your Eurocast cookware, you should cook your food at low temperatures, especially sticky foods such as eggs.  Using high heat results in quicker and uneven heating of the cookware both inside and outside, thus, causing the food to cook unevenly or even burn.

Q:  Can I Use My Eurocast Cookware Lids In The Oven?

A: Yes, you can use your Eurocast cookware lids in the oven. The cookware oven temperature rating ranges from 400 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit on their own, but, their lids have a slightly lower rating. Typically, the oven temperature rating for the best Eurocast cookware lids is between 200 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Q: How Do I Clean Eurocast Cookware?

A:  Simply handwash the cookware with warm and soapy water to effectively remove food residues and grease. Whilst the best Eurocast cookware sets are advertised as being dishwasher safe, using a dishwasher reduces their durability. This is because the dishwasher detergent chemicals can easily damage the nonstick coating and even transfer black deposits on your hands and around your kitchen.

Q: Can I Detach Handles From My Eurocast Cookware?

A: Yes, the best Eurocast cookware is built with removable handles. This design allows them to double as bakeware. When you remove their handles, the cookware size becomes smaller; allowing you to easily fit them in your oven. Additionally, removing the handles also protects them from heat damage.

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